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Hobart City Deal

Supporting Greater Hobart to be a Smart City

The Smart Cities Working Group representing the three levels of government is developing a business case for a Digital Twin for Greater Hobartand drafting a Greater Hobart Smart Precincts Strategy. Both initiatives are to support the digital transformation of Greater Hobart.

The structure of the Greater Hobart Smart Precincts Strategy has been finalised, with work continuing to create common guidelines for sub-categories aimed at future use in precincts across Greater Hobart.

A process is underway to seek information relating to technology platforms for the Digital Twin, with responses feeding into the business case. From this process, a provider has been selected to develop a proof-of-concept project for inclusion in the business case, and in a separate work stream a consultant has been engaged to provide economic modelling for the business case. This work is being jointly funded by the Greater Hobart Councils.

It is anticipated that the business case and strategy will be released in early 2021.

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